Liquid Kitty pUnk rOck BBQ –summer 2018–

Harvelle's Nightclub , 1432 4th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401

Friends, the Kitty may be gone, but the Liquid Kitty pUnk rOck BBQ is back! Two former Liquid Kitty employees, Damian and Jason are now part owners of Harvelle’s in Santa Monica and are running the place. For some reason they’re letting me do the BBQ over there. So get down there and don’t disappoint! Harvelle's Nightclub Santa Monica is located at 1432 4th Street Santa Monica, CA 90401.

Sunday, AUGUST 26, 2018. 1pm – 6pm, doors at 12:30pm (that's in the afternoon, dumbs*%t, so get your lazy ass out of bed)


5:00pm: THE LAST A rare opportunity to see one of the great first wave LA punk bands, this legendary South Bay power-pop/punk/garage band formed in the late 1970's and as one of the Hermosa Beach "Church" bands (Black Flag, Red Cross and The Descendents), became a major influence not only on the development of So. Cal. punk, but also on the psychedelia-influenced LA bands of the mid-1980s, including The Bangs (later The Bangles) and The Salvation Army (later The Three O'Clock). (Joe Nolte, Mike Nolte, James Nolte, Lisa Torres, Philo Van Duyne, Paul Rucker)

4:00pm: Mike Watt + The Secondmen Legendary San Pedro bassman mike watt (minutemen, fIREHOSE, Stooges) joins Pete Mazich, organ; Jerry Trebotic, drums for a high powered funk/jazz/punk attack.

3:00pm: Lawndale During their brief but prolific run in the mid 1980s, the all-instrumental LAWNDALE was a fixture on L.A.'s second wave punk scene. Playing a unique form of what has been described (possibly by a psychotic) as 'Surf-infused Psychedelic Melodic Acid-Prog', the band was fittingly dubbed "the Instrumental Gurus of the Church of the Electric Guitar" by the LA Weekly."...if you have any fondness for early '60s instrumentals ... and care to see it done superbly plus a demented tinge of Pink Floyd influence, this is the band" - Stone Age News (Jack Skelley, Steve Housden, Dave Childs, Philo Van Duyne)

2:00pm: Pedal Strike Punk/rock N Roll/Surf band from North East Los Angeles. “High-velocity Los Angeles bike-punk quartet, supercharged sound - taut, dynamic and intense. Stripped-down punk insurrection all put across with a psychedelic tinge, a twist of East Bay Ray’s angular elegance and a heap of “Let’s Go Tripping’”” –LA Weekly Gnarly Charly/Vox, Ivan/Drums, Daniel Bass, O.T. Guitar

1:00pm: Herbert -Olde Tymey, Ivory Ticklin', Organ Grindin', Parlor Playin' Creepout - where Yesterday collides with Tomorrow... Today.

Sunday, August 26, 2018. 1pm – 6pm, doors at 12:30pm Harvelle’s 1432 4th Street Santa Monica, CA 90401 (21 and over) This is only 1500 feet -a six minute walk- from the Expo line stop at 5th and Colorado. If you’re driving, there are many public lots, including one two doors to the south of Harvelle’s. Street parking is usually available on Arizona (a few blocks north of Harvelle’s) between 4th and Lincoln.